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The extranet system of the
Maryland Police and Correctional Training Commissions.

Our Mission
The Police and Correctional Training Commissions are an integral part of the Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services committed to ensuring the quality of law enforcement and correctional services through the establishment and enforcement of standards and the facilitation and delivery of training, education and prevention programs.

Employment Opportunities
State of Maryland Jobs
Other State Agency Jobs
Inclement Weather Policies

2017 Crime Prevention Award Nomination Forms
Click to access the 2017 Award Nomination Forms.
Download the forms in Word (

Professional Development Grant
List of Maryland Police Agencies and Policies
Revised Application for Certification forms
Police Body-Worn Camera Policy

2017 Digest of Criminal Laws
The cost is still only $5 per copy.
Pre-payment is required for order​s​ of 10 or less.
If you pay by credit card, please follow up your order with a fax of the separate credit card payment information form.
Orders for 99 books or less can be shipped, but pickup is required for 100 copies or more.

Click here to order the 2017 Digest in paperback .

Digest of Criminal Laws 2017 (PDF)

The Maryland Police and Correctional Training Commissions Library

FBI Notification of Revised Fee Schedule for Fingerprint Based CHRI Checks and FBI Plan to Discontinue Hard-Copy Processing

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