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The extranet system of the Maryland Police and
Correctional Training Commissions.

Maryland Traffic Safety Specialist Program

About the Program
Welcome to the Maryland Traffic Safety Specialist (TSS) Program. The TSS program is a statewide recognition of police officers who have attained distinctive levels of experience, training and proficiency in Highway Safety and Traffic Enforcement methods and procedures. The TSS Designation is awarded by the Maryland Police and Correctional Training Commissions (MPCTC), and the program is open to all police officers, deputy sheriffs and state troopers from all Maryland Law Enforcement agencies and to certain Federal law enforcement officers (see TSS Program Reference Manual V. 5 for details). The TSS Program is funded through a grant by the Maryland Highway Safety Office, as part of Maryland's Strategic Highway Safety Plan, and is a collaborative effort of the Maryland Sheriff's Association, the Maryland Chiefs of Police Association, the Maryland Highway Safety Office, and the MPCTC. The Program is managed by the staff of the Leadership Development Institute, MPCTC.

TSS Designations are awarded at three levels: TSS-I, TSS-II, and TSS-III. Each of the levels requires mandated experience and training as well as varying amounts of "elective points" which can be earned through documentation of successfully completed traffic safety-related courses, post-secondary education, military service, and documentation of certain traffic safety awards. Achieving the higher Designations requires additional training, job performance, and the development of skills and proficiency as a traffic enforcement officer. Level II and III Designations also require the submission of a traffic safety project paper that must be approved by the TSS Executive Committee.

There are currently over 750 police officers, deputy sheriffs and state troopers from Maryland and Federal law enforcement agencies currently enrolled in the TSS Program. During the 2012- 2013 grant year, 111 officers were awarded the TSS Level I Designation, and 2 officers were recognized for completing the TSS Level II Designation. These officers were honored at the Annual TSS Awards Luncheon on September 4, 2013, at the Hilton Doubletree Hotel in Annapolis, Maryland. The Awards Luncheon is typically held each year during the first week in September.

Program Information and TSS Requirements
The TSS Program Reference Manual contains a detailed and comprehensive overview of the TSS Program and its requirements. To download a copy of the updated Reference Manual V.5, please follow the link: TSS Program Reference Manual V.5 (PDF Format) (Right click > Save as).

Enrolling in TSS
Enrolling in TSS is simple and takes only a few seconds. FOLLOW THIS LINK to the TSS Enrollment Page. Complete all fields and click on the Submit Button. Within 2-3 work days, you will receive by e-mail all necessary submission forms and instructions, along with detailed program information. Have further questions about the TSS Program? Please contact us:

TSS Administrator
c/o Susan Strausbaugh, Management Associate
Maryland Police and Correctional Training Commissions
6852 4th Street
Sykesville, MD 21784
(410) 875-3575
FAX: (410) 875-3584