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The extranet system of the Maryland Police and
Correctional Training Commissions.



The mission of the Correctional Entrance Level Training Program is to develop solid career foundations through evidence based training, instilling ethics and pride to properly trained correctional professionals ensuring the safety of the public, employees, and offenders.


Nationally recognized as one of the leading authorities in adult-based training and staff development, the Correctional Entrance Level Training Program will promote an academic atmosphere conducive for state-of-the-art learning creating a highly trained and professional correctional workforce.

Guiding Principles
  • Teach evidence based content, utilizing adult learning principles
  • Collaborate with stakeholders in developing training programs
  • Foster an academic atmosphere conducive for career development
  • Support all learning styles when developing new curriculum
  • Promote an environment that encourages cultural diversity
  • Consider the special needs of a changing population
  • Establish a systematic process that supports mentoring and coaching

Correctional Entry Level Training Objectives (PDF)

CELTP Main Number



To provide evidence based learning experiences to enhance the delivery of services to the Department and to ensure the safety of employees, offenders, and the community.


Leaders in the field of community corrections, the Employee Development and Training Unit provide a comprehensive system of professional development and training for Department employees. The unit collaborates with subject matter experts, community leaders, and service providers to promote professional excellence and outcome oriented results.

The programs through the Parole & Probation unit of the Professional Development & Training Division focuses on training for employees dealing with community corrections and offender supervision and management. In addition, many courses are offered yearly for support services that include computer skills and other job related topics.

The Unit recently completed training new Parole and Probation Agents and soon plans to start another Academy class. Along with the Agent Academy, the Drinking Driver Monitor Program will also have an Academy and both will graduate in November. We continue to make improvements to the programs to better prepare new employees for the field. The support from DPP Leadership and the energy of the Training Unit make the training run effectively.