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The extranet system of the Maryland Police and
Correctional Training Commissions.


The Police Entrance Level Training Program (PELTP) is a course of instruction for members of small and medium sized police agencies. The Police Academy curriculum incorporates community policing strategies with a strong emphasis on Scenario-Based Learning (SBL) activities throughout the training. The course serves officers from municipal police departments, county sheriffs' offices, school and university police departments and home detention units WHO DO NOT HAVE AN ENTRY LEVEL TRAINING PROGRAM. Instruction includes: Constitutional Law; Organizational Principles and Law; Patrol Tactics; Traffic Laws and Enforcements; Criminal Law; Criminal Investigations; Emergency Medical Care; Radio Communications; Report Writing and Composition; Crime Prevention; Crisis Intervention; Protective Strategies and Tactics; Emergency Vehicle Operations; Prisoner Processing and Security; Courtroom Preparation and Testimony; Health and Wellness; Terrorism and Weapons of Mass Destruction; Police Officer Firearms Training and Qualification. Each week is devoted to the problem-solving process to practical police problems.

Students participate in frequent practical exercises which develop skills in many areas including interpersonal communication, leadership, evidence collection, crime scene photography and fingerprinting

This entry level program was conceived and designed as an affordable and accessible alternative for those smaller municipalities of Maryland Law Enforcement that are seeking an academically-innovative and adult learning-based approach to police recruit training.

An outstanding academic feature of the Training Commission's PELTP is the opportunity for graduates to obtain college credits from the Community Colleges of Baltimore County. Contact for more information.

Police Entry Level Training Objectives (PDF)

Future Schedules for PEL / CC Classes
CC 22-0101/03/202202/04/2022
PEL 3602/28/202209/09/2022

Comparative Compliance Training Program

The Comparative Compliance Training Course is an abbreviated entrance level program designed for previously certified Maryland police officers who have been separated from law enforcement between 3 and 5 years, and non-Maryland officers who completed an acceptable entrance level academy in another state or through the federal government. Training topics include Maryland criminal and traffic law, juvenile law and procedures, and advanced first aid. Attendees must be employed by a Maryland police agency, and have received a waiver from the Police Training & Standards Commission as regulated by COMAR Subsection E “Waiver of an Entrance-Level Training Standard.” Entrance level firearms qualification should be completed by the hiring agency. For more information, view the Comparative Compliance Requests details.

On-Site Lodging

Single and double occupant dormitory style housing is available on site for a nominal fee. Dormitory rooms include captains bed with drawer space, separate closet space, work desk with lamp, telephone (local calls only), vanity and shower. Dormitory Lounge includes a television, DVD and VCR players. For additional informationinformation, reference the lodging reservation form on the FORMS page.