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The extranet system of the Maryland Police and
Correctional Training Commissions.

Digest of Criminal Laws

This online document contains only a small portion of the laws of Maryland. Its intent is to provide an abridged version of the laws for Police Officers when working. It should not be considered the only source of information. Portions of some sections have been edited or summarized. When in doubt about the actual language of the law, refer to the Annotated Code of Maryland.

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Please note the Table of Contents for the 2016 Digest of Criminal Laws is not in agreement with the publication. Beginning with page 51 you may need to add one page to the listing to find the content you are seeking. Starting with page 61, you may need to add two pages to find the content. Beginning with page 129, you may need to add up to three pages. Page 171 will result in the need to add four pages and starting at 230 you will need to add five pages.
For example, if the contents states Arson and Burning are on page 51, this topic will actually begin on page 52. Convicts - Fugitives and Escape are listed as being on page 108 but will be found on page 100. We apologize for any confusion.
The same changes apply to the Index by Subject and Index by Statute. Should you have any questions, please call Jennifer Beskid at (410) 875-3525 or you may email her at

The Digest of Criminal Laws is a publication of the Police and Correctional Training Commissions.