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The extranet system of the
Maryland Police and Correctional Training Commissions.


IMPORTANT: All employees who need access to DPSCS applications in the computer labs will need a Virtual Private Network (VPN) Account. Please see your Site Security Coordinator (SSC) to request a VPN account.

The online class registration is intended for use by department training directors for the enrollment of their employees in training offered by PCTC. It may also be used to report annual in-service and weapons training.

Login accounts are only available to those Maryland departments that have officers who must meet our certification requirements. If you would like to register online for our classes, see your training director. If you are a Parole & Probation employee see the FS1 at your home office. If you are a training director and need a login account, send us an email including the name and email address of your Chief, Sheriff, Warden or department head to: Request Login.

Proceed to: PCTC Online Class Registration System