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Maryland Police and Correctional Training Commissions.

Training Resources and Multimedia


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Simulated Model of Action in Response Training (SMART)

Run, Hide, Fight

Project Guide Dog

MVA - Law concerning scooters and mopeds - Part 1

MVA - Law concerning scooters and mopeds Part 2

Eyewitness ID Maryland (Part 1)

Eyewitness ID Maryland (Part 2)

Eyewitness ID Maryland (Part 3)

Eyewitness ID Maryland (Part 4)

Training Materials

Agencies must use this training to certify staff tasked with the collection of DNA samples
DNA Collection Training

Non-Fatal Strangulation
Lesson Plan (PDF)

Field Training Officer [FTO] Training Program/Course
FTO Model Policy (PDF)
FTO Training Course Objectives (PDF)
FTO Training Course Objectives (Instructional Points) (PDF)

Speed Monitoring System Training
includes Lesson Plan and PPT
download ZIP

Law Enforcement Response to People with Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities (Entry Level)
In this download, you will find the mandated training requirements for Maryland law enforcement personnel in regard to training on the topic of intellectual and developmental disabilities. The material in this program is offered as a training resource which will assist agencies in meeting their training needs. Included is the entire PowerPoint presentation as well as the presentation broken down into specific sections. Section 1 covers objective 09.16. Section 2 covers objectives 09.15 and 09.18. Section 3 covers objective 09.18. Section 4 covers objective 09.17 and 09.20. Section 5 covers objectives 09.19 and 09.21. The supplemental materials are also included in this download.
Download IDD_Teaching_Materials

Cops and Culture
The Maryland Police and Correctional Training Commission staff has worked with a select group of subject matter experts to develop a comprehensive lesson plan and supporting power point presentation on the topic of Cultural Diversity. The program, entitled "Cops and Culture" examines areas of interest such as: the importance of cultural awareness, "Implicit/Unconscious Bias","stereotyping," "Fair and Impartial Policing Strategy" and "Procedurally Just Policing". The material in this program is offered as a training resource which will assist agencies in meeting their training needs. The program can be used in its entirety or specific areas of interest or need can be extracted and developed into a standalone class. Agencies desiring in-service credit are required to submit a Program Approval Application identifying the length, objectives covered and testing method for their class.
Download the Cops and Culture Lesson Plan

Apps and Social Media
The training, Apps and Social Media, was developed by staff of the Maryland Police and Correctional Training Commissions to provide information about (a) what an app is, and (b) to highlight apps that have been identified as being useful to law enforcement personnel. This training is available online or can be provided to your agency on a CD.

The contents of the online presentation and CD are eligible for in-service credit in the amount of 1-hour. The CD may be used during roll call or as an electronic learning/independent study course. A test and answer key are available upon request to ensure compliance with the program approval. Any agency wishing to obtain in-service credit must apply for a program approval number. The application can be found on the website under the FORMS link.

Should you have any questions about the training, please contact Jennifer Beskid in the Strategic Support Unit at (410) 875-3525. You may also email Ms. Beskid at
Download Apps and Social Media

Maryland Mental Health and Criminal Justice Partnership
Crisis intervention team (CIT) Subcommittee
Documents and Agenda

Download ZIP

Criminal Citation Procedures (Eff. 1/1/2013)
Download files (ZIP)

Model Domestic Violence Policy
Download PDF

Cultural Competency Model Curriculum
Cultural Competency Model Curriculum.doc
Cultural Competency Model Curriculum.ppt
Download (3mb)

Contact with and Treatment of Victims of Crimes and Delinquent Acts
Victim's Rights Training (Downloadable file, 110mb)
Teaching Materials - Your Duty to Crime Victims - Know the Right, Do the Right
Prepared by: Bridgette Harwood and Shirley Haas
Lesson Plan
Powerpoint Presentation
Law Enforcement's Statutory Responsibilities to Crime Victims

Eyewitness ID Maryland
Handouts for Students
Instructor Materials
Policy and Forms
Download Eyewitness ID Maryland (.ZIP)
See Four Part Video Presentation Above.

Criminal Laws Concerning Rape, Sexual Offenses, Sexual Abuse and Exploitation of Children
Child Abuse & Exploitation (PPT)
Child Exploitation Lesson Plan (DOC)

Notification of Victims of Identity Fraud and Related Crimes Updated!
In an effort to provide its client agencies with current information the Maryland Police and Correctional Training Commissions has reviewed and updated the lesson plan and power point presentation entitled "Identity Theft/Fraud" originally published and posted in April, 2011.
The revisions include:
*the addition of terminal entry-level training objective 04.23;
*changes to CR § 8-301 (a) (b) (c) and (g) [effective October 1, 2013];
*minor spelling and punctuation changes as necessary.

Identity Theft - Uniform Reporting Form (PDF)
Identity Theft - Uniform Reporting Form (Word)
Identity Theft - Lesson Plan (Word)
Identity Theft - Lesson Plan (PDF)
Identity Theft - PowerPoint

Autism Awareness
Training on Autism is required in the cycle ending 12/31/13 only.
COMAR Autism Requirement
CDC Autism Links and Resources
Autism Links for Families
• Autism Awareness Lesson Plan
• Autism Awareness PowerPoint Presentation
• Handouts
• Roll Call Video Worksheet
• Scenarios for IP
Autism Awareness Lesson Plan and Supporting Material (.ZIP)
Note: the training materials refer to the video Autism & Law Enforcement Roll Call Briefing . (not included in download)

Skills Manager and Police Annual Firearms Training

Model Policies for Law Enforcement

Comparative Compliance Objectives
(Effective 07/01/2016)

MPTC Police Entry Level Objectives
(Effective 07/01/2016)

MCTC Correctional Entry Level Objectives

MPTC First Line Supervisor Objectives

MPTC First Line Administrator Objectives

Submitting an In-Service Program Approval Application

Skills Manager users - Download the list of MPCTC approved courses ***(updated 3/21/19)***
*Note - Specifically for importing course data into Skills Manager)

Training Manager Academy users - Request the New 2016 Training Objectives

How to Copy the New Training Objectives into Training Manager Academy