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Special Police Officer Training

The 2020 Maryland Legislature passed HB1111, which revised the Public Safety Article (PSA)sections 3-303 and 3-312. HB1111 added mandated training requirements for both initial and renewal Special Police Officer Commission (SPO).

Except for those individuals who are currently certified, or previously certified within the last 5 years, police officers by the Police Training and Standards Commission individuals applying for the initial Special Police Officer Commission must have completed an 80 hour course of instruction approved by the Secretary of the Maryland State Police.

Special Police Officer Commissions are valid for three (3) calendar years from the date of issuance. Within the three years of the Commission an individual must complete, at a minimum,of twelve (12) hours of in-service training. The required in-service training content has to be approved by the Secretary of the Maryland State Police.

The Maryland Police Training and Standards Commission (PTSC) shall assist the Maryland State Police (MSP), Licensing Division in ensuring that the requirements of PSA 3-303 and 3-312 are completed according to the statutory requirements by authorizing Training Providers and Programs to be taught to meet this mandate. Documents below provide details on how to apply for these authorizations.