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The Maryland Community Policing Institute Presents:
"Crime Prevention for the 21st Century"

The Maryland Community Policing Institute (MCPI) provides free crime prevention programs upon request. Some of the more popular topics available are:

Gangs - an awareness program that provides the history, indicators, identifiers, and prevention techniques in regard to "street gangs."

Internet Safety - the program provides techniques for safe computer use. Topics addressed are sexual predators, identity theft, and safety practices.

Child Safety- personal safety tips for youth and their parents to lessen the chances of becoming a crime victim.

Personal Safety- crime prevention tips geared towards high school age youth and adults. Emphasis is placed on recognizing and avoiding potentially dangerous situations. This is not a self defense class.

Drugs of Abuse- information on the latest drug trends, dangers of drug use, and how drug abuse impacts not just the user but the entire community.

Identity Theft- how to lessen your chances of being victimized and what "scams" are used to carry out this crime.

Bullying- shows the numerous problems associated with bullying and how bullying is not just a "rite of passage". This program shows how bullying affects everyone and what serious consequences it may have.

Halloween Safety- tips on having a safe and enjoyable Halloween

Target Hardening- crime prevention for the home.

Holiday Safety- crime prevention tips for having an enjoyable holiday

Programs can be held at the Public Safety Education and Training Center, 6852 4th Street, Sykesville. Some evening hours can be arranged. Programs are free of charge.